Thursday, November 29, 2012

The decision

Reflecting on my decision to revive this blog, I thought I might as well jot down the reasons behind it.

Mainly it's the domain name. After all this time I still find it inspired, unique really, so I was quite keen on keeping it.

Secondly, I still have quite an emotional link to it, even though most of the content is rubbish. Therefore, I will begin filtering posts, getting rid of Youtube music videos, copyrighted material and so on, and keep only the entries I consider worthy of a place on the new blog.

Last, but not least, I simply found it easier to change my Blogger account and re-use this old blog, rather than go through the whole process of setting a new one up. This said, Google has made a right mess of Blogger, the new dynamic templates are absolutely awful, making my browser crash in a matter of seconds. I am now using a standard `Simple Template`, as I considered a switch from the cool classical Blogger black background white text template absolutely needed to give the blog a more professional colour scheme. But I am really unhappy with the current design and will fiddle with the templates over the coming days.

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