Friday, December 21, 2012

Google Web Toolkit

As in a few weeks my colleagues and I will start working on new piece of software using GWT, a technology none of us has worked with, I've decided to document my steps towards becoming an absolute guru familiar with the platform.

Not so long ago I had a choice to implement my third year project using GWT, but in the end I went for JSF with Primefaces sprinkled with some JavaScript magic. While I haven't had a particularly enjoyable experience with JSF 2.1, as at times it felt quite difficult to mix with other technologies (e.g. jQuery), I still rate it quite highly overall. On the other hand, I have mixed feelings about GWT, and am most concerned about the cumbersome deployment process. Also, using JNSI to wrap JavaScript is something new to me.

Ok, so step 1 is watching Ray Ryan's presentation on a set of best practices used to construct high performance web apps in GWT.

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