Thursday, November 29, 2012

Time, such a wonderful concept

I suppose that writing the first few words after 3 long years on a zombie blog is always going to be difficult. In a few years time, I imagine myself going back to this very post and cringe at every little spelling mistake or simply be amused by its structure and predictability. Or maybe be annoyed by the childish ideas, just to get comfort in the false belief that I've matured over time. Will I reach a point when I won't be bothered by this ? I guess only time will tell.

For the time being, I will do just that. Since this is by no means a brand new blog, but rather a forgotten collection of slightly inebriated ideas of a younger me, I will not relinquish the joy of self-criticism. Quite possibly, by the time you are reading this, those posts would be long gone, finally joining the half-baked ideas which triggered them.

It's now time to look forward and think about the purpose and audience of this blog. As, for the time being, it is only me who accesses this blog, it will function as an open journal. Whether it will turn into a technical blog, a place for venting my day to day frustrations, or a home for my opinions on a larger array of subjects, I only hope I will share ideas which will somehow have a positive impact.

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